Project: 40 Shaheen
Concept: Timeless interior, an eclectic luxury!
Area: 3600sqft
Client: Mr. Asad Tata

Housed in an 8000 sq yrds of Colonial style Architecture designed by the renowned Architect Naheed Mashooqullah, the interiors of the space were designed to be inviting and an extension of the client’s own style; Eclectic luxury modern interiors. Lighting design was integral element in the interior design of this space where sunlight floods the spaces through glorious picture windows and back-lit panels accentuates the high ceilings in the space. Whilst the interior was designed from the scratch, layered with a variety of textures of laminates, marble and custom texture paints, bespoke furniture was added to bring together the timeless interiors.

Our design sessions involve in-depth analysis of your space in order to integrate uniform design elements and show dramatic differences. With an insight into the desired outcome, we offer budget analysis to add exponential value from all the possible aspects. We will also help establish a mood for you to create themes based off lighting and décor selections to support your desired look and feel.

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