Project: Basement Activity Room
Concept: Luxury is in the details!
Area: 440sqft
Client: Mr. Muzzamil

Well, the design had to be timeless and functional.

The basement, that was ruined by water seepage penetrated through main garden, had a number of technical issues. It was what we had to take care of before we could proceed to entirely develop space aesthetics.

The plan was to build new aluminum walls with water and sound proof treatments – especially when these were to be invisible from outside. It was no less than a challenge to design a sound proof classic design. The space was divided into two segments – a sitting and small dining because it had to be the perfect go-to room for all the recreation and relaxation purposes.

A combination of dark wood and soft fabrication made the room uber-cozy and comfortable, with a hint of blue that gave a refreshing look at the same time.

Well, luxury is reflected in the details and so, we took care of the same.

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