Project: Business Space Renovation
Concept: Complete transformation for Nine to Five.
Area: 450sqft
Client: Hammad Shah

What you look is how you feel! Smooth woodwork and high gloss finishes blend perfectly well to add a luxurious yet homely feel.

We certainly believe that customization is the key to bespoke interior. From hidden storage to camouflage sliding louvered door – this office was designed to make one feel uber-cozy and productive in a seating arrangement warmly inviting, just like another home.

Luxuriously rich velvet transcends interior when used for royal blue upholstered chairs – Design detailing, gold finishes and softer plush dramatically transform the space. Customized wooden table became the center of attention as textures blended well with modern upholstery to tell a tale of art beautifully modern contemporary. IDIQ by Dolce Vita Home is high end luxury – a blend of master craftsmanship and finest materials to make your space seamlessly come together as exquisite flooring, and beautiful architectural backgrounds are chosen.

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