Project: By the Park
Concept: Minimalistic interior for classic details!
Area: 500sqft
Client: Mrs. Ayesha

The interior of the room focused on curating the pieces of furniture that would add sophistication to a previously dull mundane space. A color theme of grey and blues were selected to add richness to the interiors. Dark navy grass cloth wallpaper was wrapped around the room to subdue the natural light and add formality of the space with artificial lighting.

Preferences are taken care of and tailored from luxurious finishes to relaxed organic textures.
Rose gold metal veneers coordinated with rose gold slatted screen to define space detail – keeping the cozy feel very much to the bedroom and not closing it off to the rest of the space. Whereas, a tile finish to enhance opulence and keep aesthetic of the space as well. Moreover, unique frames decorated beautifully with solid-structured upholstery featured vintage accessories to further spruce up interior for a more finished, thought out look.

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