Project: Cozy Retreat
Concept: Romantic escape for the newlyweds!
Area: 1352sqft
Client: Mr. Moqeet

The portion we had to renovate was located in Noor villas – known for their classic interior. The major dare for us was to break the design norms and come up with a look both modern and refreshing.

Home should look and feel like a home and not a hotel to just make a stop and move on. In this project, we added automation touchups – so, from entrance lobby to the most cornered area, light could walk in and out with you. Surround sound in bedroom needed special attention! So, sound proofing was done at its best to ensure an ultimate theatre experience.

To make the area more spacious and multifunctional, a good-sized media wall was added. Neutrals blended with bits of gold made it a luxury portion. It’s all about fabrics that exude glamour for a high class appearance. Luxuriously rich velvet transcends interior when used for intricate pieces like throw pillows and upholstered sofa – luminous sheen and softer plush dramatically transforms the space. From ravishing plum to cobalt and royals, velvet furnishings best associate with pleasing color palettes. This plush pleasure gives an extravagant feel as sheen reflects and softer shades allure.

We kept the design in the very blend for other rooms, as we finalized the look.

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