Project: Denim Creative Room
Concept: Raw for the Raw – Naked truth of denim!
Area: 400sqft
Client: Naveena Denim Limited

The creative room was designed to outfit the activities of denim intricacy. This room being the source of all the productive brainstorming – from raw cotton and yarn to the ultimately finished fabric. So, we wanted to add more rustic feel by incorporating a sliding media wall with shelves perfectly displayed.
The mood board panel was designed to do discussions whether on chalk board, soft board or even paper board. Irregular table top accessorized and helped in the constant movement throughout the brainstorming process.

It all started with a thorough site inspection along with a walkthrough as it’s highly imperative for us to comprehend it to the best. Our concepts bring you that timeless appeal – from lighting to floor walls and furniture as we specify key elements and refine internal layouts parallel to your requirements. We like to go through design proposals with you in detail and advise any further elements required to ensure resources otherwise. We combine for you the art and science of layering the design as we get familiar of your aspirations.

It is what makes the interior unique.

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