Project: On the Sunset Lane
Concept: For exquisitely glamourous lifestyle choices.
Area: 600sqft
Client: Mr. Bilal Latif

A wedding room for a young Couple, the interiors of the space was based on creating a rich luxurious look to the room. Full height mirrors with high gloss frame was designed to accentuate the ceiling height along with concealed lighting in the ceiling. A color palette of rich blues and whites was chosen with the furniture inspired from Ralph Lauren.

IDIQ by Dolce Vita Home is a high end luxury – a blend of master craftsmanship and finest materials to make your space easily and seamlessly come together as exquisite flooring, and beautiful architectural backgrounds are chosen even If you want a minimalist look that exudes luxury.
Our designs are timeless and exquisite to resonate with the brand vision – to deliver quality that stands the test of time and add spark that never fades.

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