Project: The Creek Lane
Concept: Serenity that blends with the mood!
Area: 7000sqft 

Life as a young couple with two children is complicated enough; home should be a calm refuge. That, at least, was the idea behind a 7000-square-foot home. A large-scale shelf with faux fireplaces lend a touch of effortlessness to the living area. The classic palette of blues, whites, and grays extends all the way in the house. Ultimately the idea was to make sure the space was beautiful but still able to be lived in and grow along with the family.

We understand how significant the bedroom is. It’s the perfect place for rejuvenation and relaxation and so we tailored all elements – schematics, textures, furnishings, and color palettes quite in a sync to how they liked to create their own space, tranquil and serene.

Functionality and aesthetics blend to integrate elements and complete the look.
So, we chose palettes that created atmosphere to compliment furniture perfectly and lighting that enhanced elegance keeping it warm and soothing. The furniture was carefully curated with each detail chosen that would accentuate the comfort or formality of the space. Brass was used to add to the luxury of the rooms to give the mood a “je ne sais quoi”.

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