Project: Basement Remodel
Concept: Space to entertain essential lifestyle aspects.
Area: 2200sqft

Basement is a space that serves as a personal entertainment area. From av-lounge to customized personal office – it is designed to have all the elements where one can cherish luxurious leisure with their favorite people.

The courtyard is attached via all areas to connect each space and also have natural day light. Concept of each space is different to go perfectly well with the mood – A bit funky yellow and dark grey with rustic feel in the bar. To keep the av-lounge even more comfortable, there’s surround sound and automation to change as the mood does too with different light effects. We call it classic mature office-feel.

Natural solid wood with a different satin finish gives the rustic bar counter backdrop. High gloss, on the other hand, lifts ups the luxury home office vibes. As you go through each space, you realize how swiftly the mood changes and you find yourself completely indulged in the environment.

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