Project: Classic Villa Revamp
Concept: Smooth shift from classic to contemporary modern.
Area: 3600sqft
Client: Mr. Sameer Tata

When conceiving interiors for a young couple’s two-story, 3,600-square-foot single-story unit, what might be a greater challenge—varying ceiling heights, an affinity for a palette emphasizing dramatic sunlight, or a need to make most every mechanism in the house controllable via smartphone?

Warm natural materials like light oak and marble feature prominently and light is woven throughout the home. The natural material palette features wood and marble paired with neutral colors, a mix of textures, and soft lighting—a minimalist design intended to work with the design styles of the clients. In the master bedroom, a custom bed rests against wood-paneled walls, Smart-house apps added an accidental touch of whimsy. Bespoke furniture was designed focusing on the contemporary design aesthetic of the space. The result? An object lesson in celebrating complexity. It’s a space categorical and elusive coherent and creating visual stimulations all at the same time.

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