Project: Room for Recreation
Concept: Monochrome interiors for a Living space!
Area: 450sqft
Client: Dr. Kiran

A blend of black architectural glazing and vast slabs of white marble was just the thing to accomplish a modern look with traditional details and architectural elements throughout. Custom media unit was designed with polished brass detail to create an eclectic interior design.

We incorporated a modern European aesthetic influenced by Italian manufacturing design, and modern material finishes. Pieces that we added reflect a timeless design derived and manufactured from high quality materials to withstand the test of time, meticulously handcrafted to absolute perfection.

Futuristic aesthetics included our style and taste for sleek rose gold lining and streamlined functional pieces. Visual intrigue was added to the space to create rustic feel for uber-tranquility.
Our designs are trendy and modern, beautifully put together. It is comfort redefined for you.

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