Project: Shared Bedroom
Concept: Ultra practical and downright creative!
Area: 410sqft
Client: Mr. Rashid

It was no less than a challenge to design a room that incorporated divided spaces for twin girls in a shared room. No two people have similar likes and dislikes and so, there always is a functional middle ground where the idea of ‘sharing is caring’ can be included.

A number of colors were added in order to create a sense of relaxation and peace for them to ease their constant study pressure. From blackish grey to white and pink – super active to light and softer tones, suitable color palette was introduced.

Individualized reading corners were created when old furniture was replaced with some new chic modern upholstery. Pop art pieces were added to style and accessorize the space to help them take a break when and as needed to boost imagination.

Innovative design solutions were added to help create a space that truly reflected their style. We deliver high quality projects covered from all the technical aspects and based off designs sustainable for a timeless appeal. It's gleamingly fine from furnishings to interior, and schematics to design.

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